‘Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be…’

First things first, I haven’t ever written a blog before – I don’t actually think I’ve ‘written’ anything that wasn’t solely academic or work related since junior school. So bear with me…

Why now? Well, the last year or so has been hasn’t been great (a huge understatement to be fair!) but no matter how bad things have been, how stressful how upsetting, I have always been able to escape to my happy place – buried in a good book.

I have LOVED reading for as long as I can remember, one of my mum’s favourite stories from my childhood is how she used to leave me sitting on the floor of the local bookshop while she did her shopping; I could get through a whole book in the time it took her to choose a new pair of shoes! However, over this last year or so, reading has become more than a favourite pastime, it has been my escape and a way to relax and switch off from the stresses of daily life and that is something that I want to share with others.

I want to share the escapism, want to talk about what I’ve read, how it made me feel, discuss it with others and hopefully find some interesting books to read along the way…so that’s it really!


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